How Does An Infrared Thermal Camera Detect Roof Leaks?

Is your commercial building experiencing roof leaks that are difficult to detect? Hidden water leaks can wreak havoc on your roof and building structure, leading to costly repairs and disruptions. At Litespeed Construction, we have the solution to this problem: thermal camera technology.

TPO Skin Overlay

TPO skin refers to the process of installing a layer of roofing membrane over an existing roof surface. Instead of completely removing the old roof, a new TPO membrane is placed on top.

ISO for Drainage

Illustration of roof drainage using ISO boards.

ISO Boards are rigid insulation sheathing commonly used in flat roofs. They are tapered, allowing construction of a custom slope that tapers toward the roof drainage system. The drainage system is reinforced with TPO tape and the entire roof is coated with membrane.

Radiant Barrier

Photo showing radiant barrier installed on a roof.

Radiant barrier is a reflective material, often a specialized type of aluminum foil, installed in buildings to reflect radiant heat, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.

EPDM Flashing Tape

Image of EPDM being installed along corners of building.

EPDM Flashing Tape is a self-adhesive tape used for sealing and repairing roofs. It is durable & moldable, allowing it to fit perfectly around penetrations & curbs for long-term leak protection.

What Causes Damage To A Commercial Roof Membrane?

Photo showing ponding water on commercial roof membrane.

Commercial roofing membranes play a crucial role in protecting your building from the elements, but several factors can cause damage and reduce their lifespan. Understanding these factors can help you maintain and repair your roof, ensuring that it remains in good condition for years to come. Here are some of the common things that can […]

10 Ways A Litespeed Construction Service Agreement Saves You TIME & MONEY

Knoxville Roof Service Agreement

Get a free evaluation of your property to find out if a service agreement is right for you. Fill out this form. Savings on materials. Litespeed Construction actively shops commonly used materials. We know where to get the lowest costs, and we buy in bulk. We pass the savings on to you. Savings on labor. […]

How to Winterize Your Roof

How To Winterize Your Roof - Roof Repair in Knoxville, TN

Winterizing the properties in your Apartment Complex, HOA or Commercial Business ensures you can cruise through cold weather without home-related trouble. When you manage a lot of properties, you have an opportunity for big savings. Volume = Discounts.  Here are some ways you can winterize your roof to avoid potential damage. Keep in mind that […]

Knoxville, TN Commercial Roof Service Agreement

Knoxville Roof Service Agreement

IT’S EASY TO LET LITESPEED CONSTRUCTION HANDLE YOUR KNOXVILLE COMMERCIAL ROOF SERVICE AGREEMENT KNOXVILLE, TN – Litespeed Construction Commercial Roof Service Agreements eliminate worry and keep your properties leak-free all year long. Service agreements minimize your out of pocket expense, and make sure the maintenance is done on time. Here’s how Litespeed’s service agreement works.  […]