Helpful Tips For Your Roof & Updates From Litespeed Construction, Your Knoxville Roofer

Clean Out Your Gutters, Not Your Wallet!

Nobody gets out of bed in the morning and says “Hey! Today is a great day to climb on my roof and clean out my gutters!”  This sort of task is usually born from necessity. Don’t procrastinate, this could result in an expensive and totally avoidable fix. The leaves and...

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Maintaining an Old EPDM Roof

  These inexpensive rubber roofs are made to last around 15 years.  Patches peal up, corners roll up, laps fail and metal separates from membrane.  Ponding water does not help at all and EPDM does not do well with standing water.   Seam tape, lap tape, cover...

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Old Hail, New Problems

  This owner has five year old hail damage and is dealing with new leaks.  The old hail scarred and damaged her shingles. It was years after the storm that she finally started having these leaks and knew she needed to have her roof replaced. Because her gutters are in...

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Valley=Roof Leaks+Danger Zone

The valley of a roof is the area that gets the most impact from rain. The result is that these areas are more high risk for leaks. Ice & water shield rather than just felt should be placed inside the valley to add extra protection. In a woven valley like this one,...

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What is the average cost to replace a roof?

Kirby Smith is an Engineer and General Contractor for Tennessee and North CarolinaPricing Variables NOTE: This article just establishes variable cost. Pricing will be different ineach market across the United States.Variable 1: Insurance vs Retail for...

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Leaking Roof Repair in Maryville, TN

Repairs to a leaking roof.  Vinyl siding in need of repair at a wall, it was displaced and needed to be reset.  Several roofing turtle vents had exposed nails that were caulked.   [gallery link="none" size="large" ids="1570,1571,1572,1573,1574,1575"...

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