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Spring storm in Maryville, TN

### Tornadoes x2 ### 6-8-19


5-18-19 Pingpong ball sized hail fell on western part of Maryville TN over the weekend.  If your roof is newer than 10 years, this is probably not enough to seriously damage your roof. 

For roofs that are older than 10 years in Maryville, TN this could be a good opportunity to have your roof inspected by a Licensed Roofing Contractor to check for signs that your roof might be funded for replacement by your insurance company.

  • Did hail fall in your area?
  • Did your roof leak Saturday?
  • Do you see marks on your roof as a result of the storm?

Ping pong sized hail balls can certainly damage the integrity of a roofing system.  Minimum thresholds should be met for warranty of an insurance claim, so Litespeed Construction highly recommends having your roof inspected before filing a claim with your insurance company.

6-8-19 Tornado x 2 touched down near Louisville TN.  This is technically considered Blount Co, on near Fort Loudon Lake and the TN river.  

Obviously it is wise to inspect your home after possible hail and wind storms.  


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