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Having worked in the property management industry myself for several years I learned early on that having a maintenance man on hand for a property’s needs can be a welcome relief. However, the disadvantage of a maintenance man is that oftentimes they know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to fixing a roof. In the example shown in this picture we can see how a maintenance man applied window seal tape to a roof as their solution to a fix. As one can imagine, using the wrong materials for a job can result in some undesired results, which certainly turned out to be the case in this example. Shoddy work on a roof can quickly spiral a bad situation into an even worse one. Often costing the property owner two to three times as much money in repairs, or even requiring the job to be escalated to a replacement. It is certainly arguable that some maintenance men would be capable of repairing a roof, the question becomes is it really a risk you are willing to take when the gamble can have such a large price tag? That is also why In the leasing and property management world it’s critical that your roofing vendor is ready to go when you need them, so that you can assure such a large asset is taken care of swiftly and correctly. Here at Litespeed we pride ourselves on giving our customers the level of care they deserve to assure their needs are met.

Another commonly overlooked concern is whether a companies insurance covers maintenance men getting on the roof in the first place. Many companies do not expect maintenance men to be skilled in the area of roofs, and as a result do not insure them to be on a roof. This too can result in unnecessary insurance risk to a company if they then decide to put their maintenance man on a six foot ladder or above.

As one might imagine an additional issue with not having an experienced roofer on staff is that this often times means properties do not truly know the condition their roofs are in until it’s to late. Once a leak can be seen inside a building that means layers upon layers of materials have already been damaged, leading to those costly repairs. As a solution to prevent this from happening Litespeed Construction offers free inspections and condition reports. These reports are supported with statements and references from local codes and photo evidence. Aerial views are often used as well and these reports are reviewed by our on staff public adjusters to assure the most inexpensive effective solutions are found to solve our clients needs. These condition reports are critical to helping property managers and owners to get greater visibility of their assets. So don’t leave the fate of your business or multi-family dwelling up to chance, call us today and get a professional assessment of what your needs are and have it done right the first time. We will happily work with property owners and maintenance staff alike to be sure that the job is done right, and in the end you will be glad you saved yourself heartache, time and money.


Example Condition Report

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