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10. Metal roof leaks are generally more difficult to diagnose and find than leaks in shingle roofs. (The only 2 leaks that Litespeed construction has not been able to locate and resolve – since I opened my doors – were on metal roofs.) So be careful about the roofing company or roofing companies you hire Asheville.

9. Not all metal roofs are created equal. Primarily there are 2 different versions of metal roofing panels in Asheville: exposed fastener (typically called classic ribbed) and non-exposed fastener (typically called standing seam) metal roofs. Litespeed construction does not install exposed fastener roofing systems any longer. I have seen too much failure in the screw gaskets for the exposed fastener systems. THAT’S RIGHT WE DO NOT DO CLASSIC RIBBED METAL ROOFING!

8. Standing seam roofs in Asheville North Carolina usually come in 2 different gages, 24 gage and 26 gage. They have a lot of different types of profiles for the panels, ranging from 12 inch wide metal roofing panels to 21 inch wide metal roofing panels. The rib heights can vary on standing seam from 1 inch to 2.5 inches. And they can be striated or non-striated metal for strength.

7. Each panel of metal roofing material is custom measured, and custom made to cover the roof.

6. Underlayment for metal roofing is usually different from shingle roofs. The best option in my opinion is to use radiant barrier also called bubble wrap. If your contractor leaves an air gap between the metal roofing panels and the radiant barrier, it is a major swing for cooling your home, and will save you BIG BUCKS!!!!

5. Metal roofs in Asheville North Carolina – Standing seam metal roofing is usually about double the price of standard dimensional shingles.

4. Standing seam can last up to 50 or 75 years if it is installed correctly. Most roofers and roofing contractors will not tell you this Asheville.

3. Stone coated steel shingles are a metal roofing system, but they are not a metal roof panel. Stone coated steel shingles are just that – shingles. They are even stronger than standing seam roofing, the cost of this material installed is usually around 3 times higher than standard dimensional shingles, making it fairly difficult to justify for most consumers.

2. If you have a low slope or flat roof that leaks, and a roofing contractor has recommended putting a metal roof over it to stop the leaks – run… don’t walk – run away from that individual. PBR can be a possible metal roofing panel that may occasionally work for that application of low sloping roofs, but I do not recommend it, instead I would use rubber roofs or TPO roofs.

1. Take the old shingles off of the roof before applying the new metal roof. Yes it costs more, yes it is messy, but not nearly as messy as roofing issues for the next couple of decades.