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A homeowner had a section of roof roughly 18’ by 25’ replaced including new decking. Hclips were not properly placed in between each sheet of OSB decking to provide support at joints between rafters. As suggested by a home inspector the owner had contractors return and place 2×4 blocks underneath the decking in between the rafters at each joint leaving behind 5 joints incomplete. Upon inspection and speaking with the homeowner it was determined the shingle nails penetrating through the decking ¾” at completed sections where cut off to allow the blocking to set against bottom of the decking, in doing so the structural integrity of any shingle in these areas had been compromised and now was at risk of being blown off.

We will remove nails and shingles over incomplete section to allow wood blocking to set against decking, replace shingles and re-nail allowing the nails to properly penetrate ¾” through OSB decking as required.  Inspect previous completed areas for cut nails and replace to bring the section back to roof code.