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Roof Job Cleanup

Litespeed Construction always removes the old layers of roofing materials on residential roofs. Not every company does this, but to provide the highest standard of service possible we always bring a roof down to its bare bones and reconstruct everything fresh and new, instead of cutting what could be costly corners. While this is good for your roof it can mean a big mess that needs cleaning up.  

At Litespeed Construction we look at several factors to properly prepare your home for work and to help minimize the disruption of the clean up process.

To better understand this process the following points will be addressed:
  1. Steps Homeowners Can Take To Prepare Their Home
  2. Pre-Construction Preparation
  3. Dumpster Placement
  4. Gutters Cleaning
  5. Yard Magneting

1. Steps Homeowners Can Take To Prepare Their Home

Roof Job Cleanup 1

The first thing we ask to help prepare your home for construction is to make sure and move any of the contents from around your home away from the roof line. This helps to assure items are not damaged during the construction process. We also ask that you mow your yard as low as possible to make it easier to pick up any nails that may fall into the yard.

2. Pre-Construction Preparation

Roof Job Cleanup 2

As our crews arrive on the property they will take precautions while setting up that will help make the clean up process more timely and efficient. A major component of this is laying down tarps in necessary areas. These tarps are used to protect the grass from excess nails and other debris from falling on it. They will also put tarps down in any other potentially vulnerable areas that could benefit from added protection.

3. Dumpster Placement

Roof Job Cleanup 3

Before the job starts the dumpster will be brought on property for waste material to be put in. Our crew is careful to place the dumpster as close to the house as possible. Debris will be thrown off the roof directly into the dumpster to minimize piles of trash being set around the house or causing obstacles or obscene views. This will not only minimize the total clean up time, but also helps prevent trash from being missed during the pick up process.

4. Gutter Cleaning

Roof Job Cleanup 4

Litespeed Construction believes in leaving a home in better condition than how we found it. Therefore when we work on your roof we will make sure to do a complete cleaning of the gutters before we count the job as done. This not only helps assure any small things like nails from the roof are removed, but it also adds to the overall clean aesthetic your home will now have after we have completed your roof.

5. Yard Magneting

Roof Job Cleanup 5

If Litespeed had a middle name it would be “detailed”. We believe that attending to the little details of your job is as critical as the big ones. That is why when the job is done and the clean up is complete we believe in using a magnet roller to go back over your yard and pick up any small nails that may have escaped our previously mentioned process. This is why we ask in step one that the homeowner mow their grass short, to help assure we get every little bit of debris off your yard. Our goal is to assure that when we leave you cannot ever tell we were even there – unless that is you want to count the brand new top of the line home we will leave you with.