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Drip edge metal that is shaped to the edge of roofs. It goes over the eaves and it goes up the gables.

Drip edge comes in different colors, in our opinion, for shingles black is usually the most attractive. It gives the roof a dimensional type look.

Drip Edge Colors

There are 2 primary types of drip edges:

Commercial Drip Edge

Commercial Drip Edge

Residential Drip Edge

Residential Drip Edge
Drip Edge Gables

Drip Edge is now code in any municipality that has adopted the IRC – International Residential Code.

IRC Book Cover

Custom Bent FasciaPer standard manufacturer’s guidelines, the shingles overhang the drip edge, no more than ¾”.

Occasionally other roofing or gutter materials can act as a drip edge. This can include fascia metal with roofing metal edge at the gables, and drip edge at the eaves.

Gutter Glove Is Drip Edge

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