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Gutters Sizing, Weight, and Color

A gutter can have a lot more detail that goes into it than one might initially think. When selecting the right gutter for a project it is necessary to consider several things before moving forward. The size of the actual gutter is very important, as is the weight of aluminum gutter selected and of course being sure colors coordinate with existing materials helps make up the full package.

Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 1

Side View: 5 in. Gutter Compared to 6 in. Gutter

When addressing overall gutter selections we will hit on the following:

  1. 5” and 6” Gutters.
  2. 027 and 029 aluminum weights
  3. Color matching verses color contrasting

    1. 5″ and 6″ Gutters

    Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 2

    Gutter End Caps in 5″ and 6″

    There are alot of different size of gutters out there. But when considering residential houses the two common sizes to see are 5” and 6” gutters. The 5” gutters are very standard, typically being wide enough to handle a normal house (1000 to 2000 sq ft)  flow of water off the roof. However, in the case of houses with a very large roof or steep slope the 6” gutters are more appropriate to provide ample protection. Anything over 6” typically would be of a size used for commercial jobs only.

    2. 027 and 029 Aluminum Weights

    Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 3

    Lower weight gutters like this one are more likely to bend and warp under snow coverage.

    Just like with gutter widths there are also multiple gutter weights when it comes to aluminum gutters. However, the majority of houses share the same weight of 027. This weight is good for mild to moderate weather and little snow. They are a budget friendly choice which plays into why they are so common.

    Having said that, for anyone who wants to be sure they are better prepared for harsher weather a 029 or even higher gutter would be recommended. The main reason behind the thicker aluminum being better for more harsh weather is that snow can get very heavy, and thin aluminum tend to bend under that added weight. Heavier weight metal is used in multi-family housing because it can handle heavier loads off the larger roof areas.

    Litespeed Construction does not recommend aluminum gutters under a 027 size as these can be so thin they become flimsy, even possibly denting and bending during routine cleaning of the gutters.

    Whether a homeowner selects a thicker weight such as 029 or thinner weight like the 027 aluminum they all tend to be excellent choices because of aluminum resistance to rusting and long lifespan. The thicker options can actually last as long as 20 years with minimal maintenance. Even the thicker options still tend to be more lightweight than a lot of the other gutter materials offered.

    3. Color Matching Versus Color Contrasting

    Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 4

    Aluminum Gutter Color Options

    The most common gutter color practice is to match your gutters to part of the house so that they blend in. Common areas to match to include the roof, trim, and siding. But there is an alternative option if blending is not what you are looking for.

    A second option would be to use Trim Coil Fascia Metal to wrap around the existing wooden Fascia. There are two options for trim coil, smooth and striated. When it comes to gutters the smooth is more traditionally used as the striated works well on home siding. An additional plus to Trim Coil is that it comes in multiple colors, making it versatile when matching to your house.

    Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 5

    Gutters that Match the House

    Contrasting the color of the gutter to the house has its advantages. If done correctly the gutters can become an accent point of your home that helps to frame it and make a picture perfect creation.

    When deciding which route to take you may also want to consider if you have a style of home that has a generally accepted color pallet for the gutters. Examples of this include brick houses having neutral colored gutters, and cap cod style homes with light gray gutters.

    Gutter Sizing, Weight, & Color 6

    Contrasting Gutters-Copper on Blue House

    It is suggest that you check with your local HOA if you have one, or the city if you believe you may be in a historic district, to be sure any colors you are considering would fall within acceptable guidelines.

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