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Commercial Roofing Supplements

How to turn $2,500 into $250,000 insurance settlement.

The International Building Code (IBC) is the national code enforcement body for commercial buildings. When working on insurance company supplements for commercial buildings we will use the IBC as a tool to possibly turn insurance funded repairs into insurance funded roof replacements.

The document linked below is the code book for commercial construction and usually governs how all of commercial construction is to occur. Including insurance funded commercial restoration work.

IBC Book Cover

There will be 2 primary qualifiers to use this document to enforce how insurance companies pay for roofing (and other) damages to commercial properties from storms.


Your Insurance policy on your structure or building needs to have a “Code Upgrade Provision.”

This will be written directly into your policy, so look for it, or have us look for this code in your policy.

Qualifier Number 2

The building is located in code enforceable municipality or state.

If this is not the case, then your insurance company or adjuster can state that these codes, ‘although appropriate, are not going to govern the construction mechanism. And therefore, the insurance company is not going to pay for them.’

Firestone R25The hook here, is that when the former 2 qualifiers are met, then insurance funded restoration work on commercial buildings, where enforceable, and where policy appropriate, must be insurance funded to meet these codes.

Let me repeat that, the funding/money from insurance companies must be adequate to pay for the code upgrades to buildings that are insufficient. In the case of commercial roofing the insulation must be at R25, according to the IBC and the IECC (Energy Code). Usually that is about a 4.5 to 5.25 Inches thick lift of insulation boards.

Where there is blown up roof membrane, wet insulation, storm damages via tree fall, debris fall, or really any damages, this mechanism of code enforcement will ensure that your insurance company will be required to build your roof back to code.

Knoxville IBC and IECC Adoption
R25 Energy Code
TPO Roof Slope
IBC Adopts Energy Code
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