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We Are Raising the Roofing Standard

 Litespeed GraphicCustomers have complained for years about the roofing industry. Poor communication, sub-par work, leaving a mess, disappearing after the work’s done, sometimes even before it’s finished. And the laundry list of frustrations goes on. Some of us in the industry were listening. Some of us were taking notes and making the changes necessary to re-engage the trust of our customers and uplift the reputation of our industry. In short …


The Roofing Industry Has Responded!

Companies are spending time focusing on processes, and trying different iterations related to customer experience, and certainly the roofing industry has become very responsive to the performance requirements of our customers.  The ultimate goal, of most of the roofing companies is to build brand trust and respond in the way that we think you want us to respond.

At Litespeed Construction we wanted to take our response just one step further than most other companies.  We want to respond the way that our customers NEED us to respond, let me explain.  Simply put, At Litespeed Construction we are All-in with an educated customer base!

Construction Checklists – for Commercial Roofing – Residential Roofing – and Gutters.  That is the project manager’s and the crew’s reference point for success.

Ebooks for all of the above.  These can quickly educate you, the customer on exactly what to expect from your final product.

Resources pages that describe everything from how to work with your

mortgage company after a loss draft check,

to what next to do after you find a roof leak in your home.



Construction Checklists and Ebooks

Residential Checklist

Construction Checklist

Commercial Checklist

Construction Checklist

Gutter Checklist

Construction Checklist

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Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial System

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Commercial System

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BRONZE Commercial Roofing System

Pricing Is Important –

But It’s Not The Only Thing To Consider

Putting a new roof on protects one of the most important, most expensive investments that you will ever make in your life.

Maybe shopping solely on price is not the best idea. You are relying on to protect you, your family and your belongings.

Litespeed Construction, specializes in roofing work, and we love being a part of protecting our customer’s biggest asset(s).  Focusing on roofing and gutter services is not only our sweet spot, it is our specialty.  Litespeed Construction does not do fencing, decks, drywall, or remodels; no at Litespeed Construction we focus on being your roofing and gutter specialists.  And that starts by educating our customers!  Please check out our new services pages, checklist, and ebooks that we have built, and let the success start with your education in the process!     


Here Are Some Important Factors When Deciding On Your Roofing System:

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  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?
  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?
  • How much tree coverage and shade do you have?
  • What’s the current value of your home?
  • What kind of wind and weather conditions do you experience?
  • How adequate is your existing roofing ventilation?
  • Do they have an address?
  • Do they offer a 1-year follow-up?

Be sure to check out our BronzeSilverGold levels warranties – your peace of mind when doing business with Litespeed.

Litespeed Team  Vs  Team Chuck in a Truck

Unfortunately, the cheaper roof may actually cost even more.  We see it all of the time; well meaning home and business owners, trying to save a buck, not realizing that the expense and stress of having a faulty not warrantied or insured job is more expensive that doing it right the first time!

We occasionally come behind the well meaning maintenance teams on apartment complexes who tried to stop roof leaks and just got in too deep, or performed a repair that is not going to last and will continue to have problems.  This would be the close relative to Chuck and his team.

One-man operations are interesting as well.  Maybe this one man operaton even has some of the requirements that fit your needs, maybe he has a cell phone, and maybe a pickup truck with gas in it, heck they may even have business insurance, for now.  Litespeed Construction realizes that is just part of the industry.  And if your are trusting Chuck and the boys with your biggest asset(s) and your family safety, you might want to download our free ebook check list, so that you can go behind him and check to guarantee his work is not faulty.  Sorry that is probably the requirements for good and cheap work in this business.

Let's talk a little bit more about Chuck:

Chuck’s probably a nice enough guy, and because there’s only one of him, his rates may be cheaper.
What happens if Chuck gets sick? How long will you be stuck with a partially finished job? What if he never comes back to finish it and you can’t reach him?

And the worst of it … he finishes your roof and disappears into the wind. When you try to reach him 3 months later after a storm blows shingles all over your yard, you get no response. It’s truly one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares.

Compare that to a team of qualified, licensed and certified roofing professionals, like Litespeed Construction.

Licensed and certified? You betcha.

Our crew is a genuine team of professionals, and our jobs are completed on time or you’ll be given a full explanation for the necessary extension of the completion date.

If one of our crew gets sick, we’ve got back-ups to fill in, so your roofing job continues without a delay.

And just because we’re finished with your roof doesn’t mean we’re finished with the job for you. At Litespeed Construction, we offer a one year follow-up inspection on any of our work. And if a storm comes in and causes damage to your roof, remember we’re always just a phone call away .

GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor
State of TN Contractors License
GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor
State of TN Professional Engineering License
GenFlex Roofing Systems Certified Contractor
North Carolina General Contracting License HD
Velux Certified Installer

Your New Roof Is GuaranteeD

At Litespeed Construction, our team has logged 100 years of construction management experience. 

Litespeed has issued 1000 years worth of manufactures roofing warranties.

And Litespeed makes a commitment to each customer, we offer a 1 year free follow-up inspection on any work we do for up to one year after the initial work is completed.

With three levels of warranties available, there is definately one to fit your unique situation.

We Love Our Customers… & Our Customers Love Us

What we say about ourselves doesn’t really matter… what matters most is what our customers say about us!

My experience with Litespeed Construction has been amazing. From the initial assessment to the final details, the workmanship has been efficient and professional. Kirby and his crew did a fabulous job in replacing our roof, gutters, and painting our porches. I would highly recommend using this company. Thank you for a quality job, well done!
-Dawn E.

I have had nothing but great experiences working with Litespeed. Fair prices for honest work. My biggest endorsement is that I have hired them for multiple jobs.
– Derek H.

A first class job of installing the new roof, completed their work in less than one day!
– Claude R.

Litespeed was a delightful contractor to work with, working around our schedule and at a great price. Work was done fast and efficiently, and we were consulted about issues encountered during the process. Definitely would recommend for siding work.
– William Kotas

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What Sets Us Apart

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Financing Options

At Litespeed Construction, we understand the decision you make to invest in a new roof for your home is a significant one. We may be able to help by offering financing options that are available to you.
If that’s something of interest to you, and you’d like to learn more about the options we have available, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

lnsurance Assistance

It can be a nightmare trying to navigate through the sometimes convoluted, legalese language of your insurance policy. Litespeed Construction is here to help. We can guide you through the steps you need to take to make certain you take advantage of every benefit you’re entitled to from your insurance company.

We’ll teach you what “storm damage” actually covers and encourage you to hire a contractor even before the insurance adjuster comes to inspect damages.

Depending on your policy, there are certain monies your insurance company is not responsible for, we’ll help you sort those out.

Insurance companies use software to estimate the value of your loss and most contractors have access to that software. We can help you understand how they determine the scope of your damage and how the final estimate was reached.

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Litespeed Construction Locations

Litespeed Construction is currently licensed and insured in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Tennessee and North Carolina

Tennessee : 1532 Washington Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917

(865) 297-3286


North Carolina : 460 Weaverville Rd, Suite 6, Asheville, NC 28804

(828) 505-6051