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Metal Roofs vs Shingles

This is Not the Roofing Superhero

There are 2 different styles of metal roofing panels. There are big holes (sorry for the pun) in both of these 2 systems.

Classic Ribbed Metal Roofing

The most common style of metal roofing is called “Classic Ribbed.” It consists of a 3 Foot wide panel, sheet metal trim, and 10,000 screw holes that are sealed by neoprene washers.

Metal Roofs vs Shingles 1

That is right 10,000 of these. This is one of the things that holds metal roofing man together, and is a major reason we suggest considering other alternatives to the classic ribbed metal roof.

Why would you put down a brand new roofing material and then put 10,000 plus holes into it?

Thankfully Litespeed Construction has shingles that are warrantied for all different types of needs, 50 year manufacturer warranty on the shingles against defects to Lifetime no streaking.

The worst application of this metal roofing system is when someone thinks that they should just through metal over a low slope section of their roof. No where, not the IRC, the IBC, Roofing Specs, Manufactures Specs, or Gainfully Employed Roofing contractors will suggest this.

Overall this roofing system performs poorly, it can rust, leak, and have more frequent needs than any other roofing system out there.

Do not buy this roof if you want a long lasting roofing system that will be maintenance free. You will get neither of these things with this roof.

Classic Ribbed Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam is a cool roofing product. We see it installed on post offices, banks, and schools. It is occasionally used as trim or bling for shingle roofs that need to be accented.

Standing seam is a metal roofing system with concealed fasteners. Meaning that you do not see any screws in your roof. Usually the metal is heavier in gage, starting a 22 gage and going to 26 gage weights. The coating of a standing seam roof can vary the price as well, the Kynar coated standing seam is usually the most expensive.

Standing seam is a product that works well and lasts forever. The downside of this product is the expense.

Metal Roofs vs Shingles 2

2.5x to 3x the cost of shingle roofs.

Litespeed Construction markets roofing service in Asheville, NC, and Knoxville, TN. Neither of these 2 markets have a great deal of need for roofs that are 3x the cost of a good shingle roofing system. Most of our owners don’t want to be roof poor.

i.e. if a Shingle Roof is $5000 then the Standing Seam $15,000.

We have at least 1 potential customer call us a day that is requesting a “Tin Roofing Quote.” This is the conversation we wanted them to hear before they take a further look at a metal roofing system over shingles or membrane roofs. Metal roofs are not the superhero roofing solution you want.