Your insurance company will be required to pay for damages occurring to your property from storms.  They are not required to pay for old or leaking roofs, leaking gutters, or lawn mower struck siding.  The storm damages are specifically covered in your policy provisions, and what you will need to file a storm damaged property claim is a “recent” storm date.  Depending on your insurance company that can either be 180 days – like Kentucky Nations Insurance Co offers, or 365 days – like almost all other carriers offer.

The evaluation of this roof occurred summer 2018 in Knoxville TN.  There had not been any big hail storms in the area in over a year.  The shingles have considerable blisters, and there are several wind blown or creased shingles.  Creases are where shingles are have been flipped over, but will reseal themselves.

The claim should be filed under his insurance as – “wind and hail” not one or the other.  This will give the adjuster the best chance to find acceptable evidence to fund this roofing project.

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