Leaking Roof With Rotted eaves

  1. 1
    Water ponding and penetrating roof

    The shingles are cupping at the edge of the roof creating an area for the water to penetrate

    This is a picture of a small section of a shingle roof with worn out looking shingles

    And this is a hole in the corner where water is coming in.

    This is a close up picture of shingles and there is a hole in them and there is a persons finger in that hole

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  2. 2
    Lots of debris on roof

    This section of the roof has a lot of standing debris. This allows water to easily penetrate the shingles allowing water to with under them. There is a good bit of rot along the edge of this section of the roof.

    As you can see the edge of the shingles is cupping. This allows water to flow underneath the shingles and get on the roof allowing the wood to rot.

    This is a picture of shingles covered in wet leaves and debris. There is a red line showing the shingles are dipping down

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  3. 3
    Rotted out wood under shingles

    This section of the roof has severe wood rot caused by the leak just 18 or 20 inches up the roof.

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