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Roof leaking in Knoxville, TN.

Roof leak on an older roof.  The customer wants to inspect to either repair the roof or is it time to replace the roof.  Litespeed Construction did a roof inspection.  There were numerous problems with this roof and because the roof was around 20 years old the homeowner chose to go ahead and replace this roof.

Litespeed Construction installed a brand new Owens Corning Oak Ridge Roof.  The owner wanted to use a similar color to what was there so we installed Driftwood Colored Shingles.

Roof is Leaking at These 2 Locations

  1. 1
    Leaks Probably Occur at Flashing

    It is possible that the chimes cap is leaking, but the more likely cause is the flashing looks bad.  This type of flashing is called angle flashing and can leak unless properly sealed during construction.


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  2. 2
    Flash is Bad at This Wall

    The angle flashing here makes it easier for this roof to leak.  To fix these leaks both the chimney and the wall need to be reflashed with step flashing.


    This is the repair option, to reflash bot locations with new shingles and metal.

    Bad flashing


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  3. 3
    Leaking Cracked Pipe Boot

    This pipe boot is leaking into the bathroom.


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20 Year Old Roof With Leaks Everything Wrong With This Roof

  1. Roof Has Ridge Vents on all Ridges

    Roof has ridge vents Roof has ridge vents

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  2. Misinstalled Roof on Back of Home

    These shingles do not match and are not staggered correctly.  Both of these problems make this roof extremely vulnerable!

    misinstalled roofmisinstalled roof

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  3. New Owens Corning Driftwood Shingle

    The existing roof is very close to an Owens Corning Oakridge Driftwood Shingle.  New shingled will look terrific!

    New Owens coming

    New Owens coming

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  4. Front of Home Before Reroofing

    Front of home

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  5. ChimneY Should Be Replaced

    While roofing it would make a lot of sense to add a new chimney cap.

    Chimney should replaced Chimney should replaced

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