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GAF Timberline HD Roof inpsection Knoxville, TN.


GAF Timberline HDZ Shakewood is a color that is closer to tan than any other in the GAF line.  Weathered wood and driftwood are GAF shingle colors that are similar but not the same.  Go to to check out all of the shingle options and colors in your area.

Features of the GAF Timberline HDZ Shingle

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    Timberline HDZ is new and redesigned
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    Timberline HDZ Features
    The timberline HDZ is a shingle that GAF released in 2019.  It has a wider nailing strip for easier installation.  The bonding of the different layers of shingles is glued or laminated and mechanically fastened.
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    GAF Timberline HDZ Reviews

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