As part of the service we offer here at Litespeed Construction we will file an insurance claim for our clients when a job qualifies for insurance coverage. In this particular example we will need to supplement State Farm on this. The home in question has been neglected for some time. Substantial damage caused by lack of standard maintenance had already started occurring when a tree feel on the roof. As a result of the tree this three tab roof sustained additional damage by breaking the soffit and fascia on the backside of the house. Code upgrade provisions and overhead and profit would be applicable to this situation. This simply stated means that the area damaged was not up to local codes. Since it now requires damage repair as part of an insurance claim from the falling tree it will be the responsibility of the insurance company to not just repair the damage, but repair it in a fashion that brings it up to code for that area.    

Upon inspection of the property we also noticed the chimney has moved a significant distance from its original resting place. It is important to note that this was not caused by the falling tree, so would not be part of the insurance claim. Gutters were in failure, as well as having rotten fascia, and this home was in desperate need of paint and foundation work. As a homeowner it is important to understand the difference between needs that can result in an insurance claim and needs that cannot. Standard maintenance on a house is not an insurance issue and thus would be the responsibility of the homeowner, and something that is better to fix sooner rather than later. In this case the damage is substantial from waiting a significant period of time to repair, and it will require masons being called out to take a look at this work.



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