Understanding what kind of roof a customer has is an important part of helping know one’s needs. The best way to go about making this determination is to take a core sample of the roof. Taking a core sample involves cutting a portion of the roof out in order to determine what is under the membrane. Once this is determined a roofer would be in a better place to make determinations for the project’s scope. Core samples not only tell a roofer about the existing materials of the roof, it also helps owners understand if the internal parts of the roof are wet, as well as telling a roofer how many layers of roofing there are and how thick the insulation is. In addition, core samples also help determine the design of an existing or proposed taper slope. Here at Litespeed Construction we value educating ourselves as much as our consumers. As a result you can count on us to take those extra steps to assure we have the knowledge needed to make the right call for your membrane roof.