This customer had a TPO roof that had sustained damage. The first step when dealing with a damaged TPO roof is to completely clean the area before attempting to repair it. A sometimes overlooked step that is necessary to assuring the process goes smoothly. It is also necessary to  prime the area after cleaning, to assure proper adhesion of the cover tape. It is possible to weld over a hole with more TPO, however, in this case we used cover tape instead. The advantage of cover tape is it does not require heat welding to apply. Cover tape is a very durable substance, and now that the cover tape has been applied to the hole this customer should be back on track without any roof leaks! Litespeed Construction also noted an area of this roof that needed caulking while we were working on the TPO damage. We conducted a full roof tune up after communicating with the customer our concern that there was a need for this, and fixed any penetrations that we found. In the end the customer who was located states away was able to not only get their initial damage fixed, but we set up their roof for success in the future by preventing the additional small issue areas from getting out of control. Litespeed Construction loves to work with asset managers of commercial roofs and properties and will be happy to help communicate and work swiftly on your next roofing issue.