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Litespeed Construction introduces our newest offering for home maintenance.

We get a lot of home owners who purchase our “gutter cleaning, roof debris removal” package and who also take advantage of our free roof inspection offer. Many of your clients just need a straight forward evaluation on your homes current concerns.

Here are some signs that you home may have exterior issues: Rotten windows, rotten fascia or soffit, peeling paint, sagging gutters, debris on roof, water damages to soffit, poor caulking on windows and doors (including garage doors), displaced vinyl siding, roof decking that has moved, failed mortar joints, discolored or rotting efos or stucco, drafty windows, debris hanging over gutters, and roof leaks – to name a few.

Most of these are signs that your home has not been routinely maintained and needs a service that we can offer. Many of these problems are things that Litespeed Construction can help resolve.

Our newest offer is a “$49 Exterior Property Inspection” that is stated and offered on Angie’s List. There are no stipulations for how steep the roof is, how large the home is, or how much damage or needs that you think there might be to your home. This is an inspection only, no service or credit offered. Our professional, background checked, staff will be happy to come out and evaluate your home’s exterior needs. No hassle – just straight talk.

Our Knoxville, Asheville, and Columbia markets can all take advantage of this super offer on our website or Angie’s list.

Contact us or visit us on Angie’s list to purchase our “$49 Exterior Property Inspection” package.